Witmeup Online Mentoring

If you are a university student, this is the job for you! You will be helping students by sharing your experiences, help with the application process or help them after a successful admission! You are in full control of your own time, availability and pricing. Earn money, a reference and gain valuable experience in a fully flexible way. On click of "Apply now" button, you'll be redirected to our website!

Wat wij bieden:

  • Work as a freelancer
  • Work from anywhere you want
  • Flexibility

Wat ga je doen?

Dear prospective Witmeup Mentor

Either you are or once were a University student, you went through the whole application process and every quirky aspect of it. Of course, it was a while ago, but you still have the knowledge that can be shared with others in need! For example high school students coming from abroad!

You will be helping students in a project based system by:

  • sharing your experiences about your university, the student life and preapplication processes
  • supporting them in motivational letter
  • giving them information about post-admission topics such as accomodation and scholarships

How does Witmeup work?

1. Register as a Mentor and complete your profile
2. Complete our quick online courses and make your offer
3. Students will be looking for you in listings from November 2018
4. start a project together and help them to achieve their dreams

I hope we woke your interest and you'll find more info on!
Just take a look around and see if this is something that interests you.
Or Sign up now!

As a Mentor you work as a freelancer: you decide when you have time to take on to projects, what kind of help can you provide and you set your availibility and prices. You can work whereever you want.

It is mainly up to you how much you'll earn in a month!

Wat wij vragen:

  • Minimaal hogeschool afgerond
  • Experience with the university application process
  • Currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled
  • Great motivation
  • Fun in communication with others

Extra informatie

Secundair onderwijs, Professioneel gerichte bachelor, Academisch gerichte bachelor, Master
Landelijk (dus ook bij jou in de buurt)
Werkuren per week
1 - 25
Parttime (overdag), Avondwerk, Vakantiejob
Tussen €30,00 en €200,00 per week
Verantwoordelijk voor
Student university application and help
Gepubliceerd op
Technisch / Klusser / Monteur
Rijbewijs nodig?
Auto nodig?
Motivatiebrief verplicht?
Engels, Nederlands

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