Looking for a nice side job to finance your summer holidays? This article lists the most popular options for you. Choose a part-time job in the catering industry, start a job in the supermarket or work as a sales agent in a call center. These are jobs that provide a relatively good salary, so you will soon have sufficient budget to fly from Brussels to Ibiza with Transavia . Not unimportant, you also want to have enough money on such an island to enjoy yourself! Are you going with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with a larger group of friends or perhaps alone? 

Tip: it is best to book airline tickets eight to five weeks before departure. During this period you often benefit from the lowest price. Don't want to run the risk of a full plane? In that case, book your tickets three to four months before departure, tickets are also competitively priced during that period. 

Popular part-time jobs in your own country
The number of vacancies for students is large in Belgium. This applies in particular to the catering industry, shops, cleaning and, for example, the logistics sector. With many of these student jobs you decide how many hours per week you work. This way you gain some work experience, learn new skills and expand your network. Some part-time jobs are performed on working days, while other jobs are weekend work. This applies in particular to jobs in the catering and retail sectors. For many of the part-time jobs that are offered, you do not need any specific training. 

International jobs for students 
Don't just look in Belgium for a nice part-time job. You could also consider working across the border during the summer period. There are several (Belgian) entrepreneurs with branches outside their own country, where the demand for staff is high, especially in the summer months. First work for a few weeks in the Spanish or, for example, French catering industry, and then go on holiday yourself. A good alternative to a job in the catering industry is facilitating surfing and diving lessons in the south of Europe, or, for example, guiding walking and cycling tours. The nice thing about such part-time jobs is that you benefit from nice weather and get to know a lot of new people. After a day at work you want to cool down on the beach, who wouldn't want that? 

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